Ways to get More Money from the Sale of Your Used Car

Sometimes you get to a point where it’s time to part with your vehicle and upgrade to a new ride. When this happens, it’s common for vehicle buyers to focus completely on the new car search and spend no time on the sale of their old car. In fact, by putting a little work into the sale of your old car, you can actually improve your vehicle’s sale price by thousands of dollars.

Here are a few things to consider before you sell your used or junk car. 

Get Your Car Detailed

Many Americans run their vehicles through an automated car washes a few times a month, but this brief time at the car wash isn’t enough to really clean your vehicle before sale. It’s important to get the car as clean as possible on the outside, as well as clean on the inside, too. Don’t leave old gum wrappers in the ashtray or forget to vacuum the interior. You might even want to remove the floor mats and give them a good scrubbing. If you don’t want to scrub your car on your own, paying for a professional to detail your car is well worth the price.

Take Great Pictures of Your Clean Car

The best time to take pictures of your car is right after you get it detailed. Take pictures in the sunlight and make sure you take pictures from every angle, as well as the interior of the car. Don’t just take a picture from the front and one of the side. Walk around the entire car and take at least a dozen shots. You’ll also want to take pictures of any imperfections, so your buyer isn’t unpleasantly surprised when they arrive to take a look at your car and see a giant scratch on the passenger’s side door.

Work on the Description for the Vehicle

If you decide to sell your car to a private party, you’ll need to create a description for the listing. You have a few different options online for listing your car, but all options require that you type a few sentences about the vehicle. You can mention details like how much mileage is on the car and where you got the mileage (highway, surface streets, etc.). It can help to mention things like whether the air conditioning works and how much tread remains on the tires.

Remember: The more questions you answer in your vehicle description, the less time you’ll have to spend answering questions from people who see your listing.

List Your Vehicle for More Than You Want for It

In private sales, the name of the game is “negotiation,” and your potential buyers will almost never come to your door and just hand over the entirety of your asking price. Virtually every vehicle sale will begin with a question that goes something like… “will you take [this much] for your car?” So, if you price your vehicle for the amount you want for it, you’ll get a slew of buyers offering you less. If you want $5,000 for your car, try listing it for $5,400 or $5,300 to encourage people to offer an even five grand.

You can give any of these options a try to help you get the most from the sale of your used or junk car. Or… you could eliminate all of this and sell it to Noth Texas Auto Buyers.

Why Selling Your Car to North Texas Auto Buyers Works

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