Cash For Cars Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my car worth?

We use a combination that involves the condition and mileage of your vehicle along with a function of its book value, we will give you the highest cash offer. Contact us now to find out!

What do you do with my car?

Our first priority is to ensure that you are not liable for anything after sale. We notify the state that you the customer are no longer the owner of the vehicle. We will recondition the vehicle(if needed) and wholesale it to one of our many licensed dealers or auto recyclers.

Do I get paid by cash or check?

We will always pay cash on the spot.

Do I have to have the title to sell my car?

No. Although a title is preferred it is not required. If you lost, misplaced, or just don’t have. We will still buy your car.

I still owe money on my car, can I still sell it?

Yes! We do payoffs. Give us a call with your vehicle info along with your payoff amount.

How soon can you come buy my car?

We can be at your place of residence or workplace within one hour.

Should I trade my vehicle in?

You should never trade your vehicle in! Dealers can be very misleading and their system is designed to give you the least amount possible. By trading a vehicle in you are giving yourself less room for negotiation and depending on how they presented the deal there is a chance you are giving them the car for nothing. They are very good at manipulating their figures and making it look like a great deal for the consumer.

Carmax made an offer on my vehicle. Will you pay more?

Yes, we pay more. We get lots of calls by from people that feel they are being cut short by Carmax. We will pay at least 10% more than Carmax. Give us a call and and then send us your written offer.

I was recently involved in an accident. Do you buy wrecked cars?

Yes, we buy wrecked cars. Whether it was totaled out or involved in a fender bender we will still buy your car.

My insurance company totaled out my vehicle. What should I do?

If your vehicle is totaled out by your insurance company your best case scenario is to find out what your buy back is. We will pay up to 10% over your buyback option.

Can I sell my vehicle in not running condition?

Yes, we buy cars running or not.

I have a title loan can I still sell my vehicle?

Yes. This is a very common scenario. Give us a call and let us know what you owe along with all of your vehicles info. We can meet at the title loan company and get you some cash for your car today.

Do I need to take the car to you or do y’all come out?

We will come to you. We make it very easy for you and can be at your place of business or residence within one hour.